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Member Section


A golf membership designed for both spouses and all children listed as dependents.



Optional Family:

A golf membership designed for a married couple which provides a golf membership for one spouse and a social membership for the other spouse.  This membership does not provide golf privileges for dependents.



Young Family:

A golf membership designed for a married couple under the age of 30, as of January 1st. This membership will provide golf privileges to dependents.




A golf membership designed for non-married individuals.  Dependents of single memberships are not entitled to golf provileges.




A golf membership designed for a single person who maintains a student status in a formal high school, college or university, and is not covered under a family membership.




A membership designed for an individual for clubhouse privileges only.  This membership does not include golf privileges.




A social membership for any local business interested in bringing staff or clients to Fawn Creek Country Club.  This membership includes (10) 18-hole greensfee passes.




*All membership fees are due no later than May 1st.  All FCCC membership dues and cart shed rent extend only to the end of the current calendar year (December 31st.).  

A late charge of $15.00 per month will be assessed on all memberships not paid in FULL by the May 1st deadline. 


*Greenfee Coupons- Family memberships paying their dues in FULL by January 13th, 2024 will receive (5) greenfee coupons.  Optional Family, Young Family, and Single memberships will receive (3) greenfee coupons.  FCCC will honor coupons whenever open golf is available.  Coupons will not be issued to first time members who join FCCC at a pro-rated membership (after July 1st, 2024) 


*Members may select to pay their dues according to the following three payment schedules. Payments under this schedule will not provide the member with golf coupons. Please notify the club manager if you wish to pay your dues on the alternative dues payment schedule.

                          March 1st            April 1st            May 1st

Family                $320.00               $320.00              $320.00

Opt. Fam.           $286.00               $286.00              $288.00

Yg. Fam.             $251.00               $251.00              $253.00

Single                  $251.00               $251.00              $253.00

Student                 $50.00                 $50.00                $50.00


Cart Shed Rent for 2024


Gas Shed



Electric Shed



Trail Fees



*Driving Range

Balls are available for purchase in the clubhouse.

Members: $3.00

Non-Members: $4.00

Punch Card:  $25.00 (10 baskets)

Yearly Pass:  $100.00

Family Yearly Pass:  $200.00

Note:  Driving range may be closed temporaily for mowing during the golfing season.  Please buy range balls at the clubhouse, and DO NOT pick up range balls.  FCCC is not liable for injurys or damages that could occur.  



More Information for FCCC members:

*Winter Hours

Beginning November 3rd, 2024 (weather permitting) the clubhouse will be closed from Sunday thru Wednesday.  Fawn Creek Country Club will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 3:00pm.


*Bar Policy 

The bartender has an obligation to check for identification to ensure compliance with state laws.  The bartender has an obligation to refuse to serve drinks to individuals who appear to have already consumed too much alchol.  The bartender of Fawn Creek Country Club may close the bar at his/her discretion late in the evening when there are no customers.


*Men & Women's Day Policy

Each Wednesday, from April 24th, 2024 till August 28th, 2024, the downstairs clubhouse will be closed to men from 2:00pm till closing.  Men may play golf on Wednesday's providing they are OFF the course by 2:00pm.  The course will be open for WOMEN ONLY from 2:00pm until dark.  Each Thursday, from April 25th, 2024 till August 29th, 2024, the clubhouse and golf course will be open for MEN ONLY through the entire day.


*Local Greenfee Policy

Non-members residing within the boundaries of the Anamosa School District may pay greenfees no more than four (4) times per season.  Non-members residing outside the boundaries of the Anamosa School District can pay unlimited times on non-restricted days at FCCC. 


Grievance Policy

FCCC has implemented a grievance policy for members who witness serious infraction of unacceptable golf conduct, a major violation of adapted golf rules, or otherwise determine the need to report a display of inappropriate conduct by persons on the course or within the clubhouse.  It is the intent of the Board of Directors and owners of FCCC that all members, guests, and employees enjoy their time at FCCC in an atmosphere that is very positive and courteous.  Please contact General Manager, Darin Sander if a form is needed. 




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